Survivor of Domestic Violence

Our Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence

We firmly believe that every woman deserves the fundamental rights to safety and happiness. To this end, we dedicate ourselves to empowering survivors of domestic violence. Our approach is to equip these courageous women with the necessary tools and opportunities, enabling them to rebuild their lives with dignity and strength.

Rosas is at the forefront of offering meticulously designed and tailored services, including advocacy, counselling, and support. These services are essential in assisting survivors of domestic violence in navigating challenges related to employment, housing, finances, debt, and legal rights. Our holistic strategy is not just about overcoming immediate obstacles; it’s about inspiring resilience, fostering adaptability, and empowering women to find solutions to their challenges and drive personal change.

Our commitment extends to helping survivors of domestic violence reintegrate into the workforce or continue their education. To achieve this, we provide bespoke practical support. This encompasses a range of services: from offering information and advice, to providing support for employability, basic skills training, as well as opportunities for volunteering and gaining work experience. Our goal is to pave a path for these women towards a self-sufficient and fulfilling future.

If you are in immediate danger, call 999.

We strive to build a supportive community through mentorship programs and events, encouraging women to connect, share their stories, and learn from one another. Our commitment includes ensuring that women’s voices are heard in critical discussions.

Our programs are meticulously designed to empower women toward independence, enhance their self-esteem, and develop self-reliance. This prepares them to face challenges arising from domestic violence, financial difficulties, or mental health issues. We provide guidance and support to those seeking to escape domestic violence, helping them rebuild their lives with strength and dignity.

We also offer immediate support, providing a listening ear and empathetic guidance to women in distress. Our skilled professionals are ready to guide you through your challenges and advise on the most appropriate steps forward. Committed to delivering personalized support, they are specifically trained to meet your unique needs, assisting you in examining your safety options and providing the vital emotional support you require.

Understanding the importance of clear communication, we offer comprehensive interpreting and translation services in various languages. These include English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Turkish, and several other community languages, ensuring that we cater to the diverse linguistic needs of those we serve.

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