Welcome to Rosa charity: Helping woman with Domestic Violence

At Rosa, we stand alongside survivors, advocates, and allies in the fight against domestic abuse. Our mission is to provide support, resources, and empowerment to those affected by this pervasive issue. Here’s how we can make a difference together:

1 in 5 adults
Experience domestic abuse during their lifetime
Over 2.4 million
Adults where a victim of domestic violence
An increase of 7.7%
In domestic abuse-related crimes in England and Wales compared with the previous year

You could help to empower woman facing domestic violence and homelessness

Who we are & how we can help you

Rosa is a dedicated charity with a mission to combat domestic violence and provide support for women. We offer a verity of services such as advice, advocacy, referrals, campaigning and more to to help woman get out of abusive situations. To find out more click the link below:

Abuse against women and girls

Women can face a multitude of abuse types, each with its own devastating effects. These abuses can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and even technological. Understanding the different types of abuse is crucial for recognizing the signs and providing support to those who may be suffering in silence. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, it’s important to be able to identity it. Here’s a more detailed look at the different areas of abuse:

Together we can make a difference

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, we urge you to complete our confidential support form. We are committed to connecting you with a specialized organization that can provide the necessary assistance and support.

Get Involved

Your generous contribution enables us to broaden our reach and provide enhanced support to individuals affected by domestic violence. Every donation is a step towards a safer, more supportive community.

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