About Us

Rosa's Commitment and Services

At Rosa, our mission is to support women in need across Enfield, Haringey, and Islington, as well as women throughout London. We focus on addressing crucial issues such as domestic abuse, homelessness, unemployment, gender discrimination, and poverty. Many of our service users are women of Black or Minority Ethnic heritage. Our goal is to empower these women to rebuild their lives, enabling them to thrive in a world free from abuse and inequality.

Challenges Faced by Our Service Users

Women who use our services often endure emotional, physical, economic, and/or sexual abuse, compounded by other inequalities such as poor housing, unemployment, language barriers, and gender discrimination, including female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage. These complex challenges necessitate a wide range of tailored services.

Our Services

We offer specialized advice, advocacy, counseling, volunteering opportunities, employability support, financial and digital training, and assistance in setting up small businesses. Our aim is to help individuals aged 18 to 65 overcome their problems, maximize their skills and abilities, broaden their horizons, and develop confidence and resilience.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing professional, comprehensive assistance and unwavering support to racialized women facing challenges such as domestic abuse, homelessness, and unemployment. Our services include advocacy, mentorship, emotional support, career development, educational training, and job placement, all aimed at helping these women overcome obstacles and build a brighter future. We believe every woman deserves a life free from violence, a safe home, and the opportunity for financial independence.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world where every woman can live free from violence, with the security of a stable home and the means to support herself and her family. We strive for a society where women are empowered, independent, and confident in their ability to overcome adversity.

Our Approach and Why Choose Us

Rosa has been a steadfast grassroots charity for over a decade, founded by a diverse group of women from various cultural backgrounds. We are a user-led, nurturing community positively impacting over 2000 service users annually. Our holistic, personalized approaches address the intricate needs of our service users, focusing on multiculturalism and primarily women in BAMER communities.

We cater to a diverse audience by speaking various languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, French, and different African languages. Our team comprises qualified professionals with a combined experience of 60 years in teaching, human resources, and management, ensuring exceptional support and training.

Equality and Diversity

Rosa is committed to equality, providing opportunities to everyone regardless of their background or education. We uphold a culture of respect and dignity in our interactions and maintain strong connections with employers and local communities. Our mission is to create a secure, welcoming, and culturally diverse environment, delivering respectful and efficient services.

Accredited Training and Support

We offer various National Vocational Qualifications accredited by reputable organizations like AQS, City and Guilds, TQUK, Gatehouse Awards, Highfield, and the CPD Accredited Centre. We are continuously seeking further accreditations to meet your specific needs and expectations, enhancing your skills and providing recognized certificates.

Our Beneficiaries

We are committed to providing support within a safe, friendly, respectful, culturally sensitive, and judgment-free framework. Our services extend to all, regardless of their circumstances and abilities. Many participants form strong bonds with us and often return as mentors, volunteers, counselors, and ambassadors. We focus on serving women and families from BAMER backgrounds and offer support to a wide range of individuals, including victims of domestic abuse, carers, low-skilled workers, homeless individuals, single parents, and more.

Specialized Support Services

  • Domestic Abuse Support: Helping women find safe shelter, providing counseling, legal assistance, and advocacy to break the cycle of abuse.
  • Homelessness Assistance: Offering immediate shelter, transitional housing, and secure permanent housing solutions, along with life skills training and access to education and employment opportunities.
  • Unemployment Relief: Providing tailored employability programs, including mentorship, skill-building workshops, job training, career counseling, and job placement services to foster financial independence.

Community Impact

Since our inception, we have helped countless women escape abusive situations, secure stable housing, and find meaningful employment. Our work continues, and with your support, we can make an even greater impact.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission to create a world where every woman feels safe, empowered, and valued. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness, makes a tangible difference in the lives of these resilient women.

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